Giglio Island

Welcome to the Island of Giglio. This is the port to access the largest site on the island. Find the three entrances below or at the top, clicking on the proper menu. The X button, in the upper right, is used to close the modules and to let you enjoy the images. For more information: 0564-1836005 - 338-7770451 - EMAIL


CLICK on this form to enter the page of dedicated to the apartments, to booking and organizing your vacation to Isola del Giglio.

SHOPPING area dedicated to shopping at Isola del Giglio. Click ENTER to see the page dedicated to products online but also shopping in the streets of the historic centers of Isola del Giglio.


Area dedicated to the beauty of the Island of Giglio, to the tourist informations, video, music, photos, royalty free, and more to view the Island of Giglio as if you were already here!