Giglio Island Apartments

Island of Giglio apartments on the sea

Welcome to the Island of Giglio. This is the port to access the largest site on the island. Find the three entrances below or at the top, clicking on the proper menu. The X button, in the upper right, is used to close the modules and to let you enjoy the images.
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Apartments for rent on the sea

This module informs you that in the page, dedicated to the apartments, even in LAST-MINUTE, there are the functions for reservations and for the organization of your holidays all 'Isola del Giglio. Some apartments have online booking and visible PRICES, for others you need to send, to the owners, the EMAIL from microsites.

Apartments 2 - 4 Beds

appartamento margherita - 4

Margherita - 4 Campese

Balcony, garden, one bedroom and one livingroom parking
50 from sea one bedroom 4 beds   balcony

thumb m5

Margherita - 5 Giglio Campese

Apartment with one bedroom livingroom and balcony, 2+2 beds.
50 meters sea 1 bedroom 2+2 beds balcony


thumb marisa

Marisa Castello

Apartment in the historical center, a charming medieval setting, four seats.
historical center two rooms 4 seats  balcony

thumb grotte2

Apartment controllare - Giglio Campese

One bedroom, open spaces, large balcony, seaview, 2+2 beds.
100m from sea confort! 2+2 beds balcony  seaview


Apartments 4 - 6 Beds

thumb m2

Margherita - 2 Campese

Apartament one and a little bedroom, livingroom, 4+2 beds
50m from sea 1 bedroom 4+2 beds balcony sea view

campese alto

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thumb m3

Margherita - 3 Giglio Campese

Apartament 1 bedroom, livingroom, 4+2 posti, balcony.
50m from sea one bedroom 4+2 beds mini garden

thumb adelaide

Apartament A D E L A I D E

Apartament one bedroom, living room, 4 beds, balcony
100m close to the sea 4 beds balcony


Apartments 6 - 8 Beds

thumb m1

Margherita - 1 Campese

Apartment, two large terraces, 50m sea, sea view to the Faraglione.
50 from sea two bedrooms 6 beds sea view

thumb g rosso

Villa Giglio Rosso Campese

Villa, big balconies, gardens, view of the bay Campese.
large three bedrooms 9 beds panorama


campese alto

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thumb luciana

Apartment LUCIANA Campese

Two bedrooms, balcony, sleeps 6+2, sea view, Panorama Tower
Panorama Tower 2 bedrooms 8 beds sea view